Sunday, February 22, 2009

Scrabble Feud

The only real disagreement Jon and I have ever had that we actually held a grudge about and were sulky and quiet for the remainder of the evening was four years ago over a game of scrabble. Jon brought up the game for the first time since a few nights ago and we hesitantly agreed on the rules we would play by and the dictionary we would use. It is permanently retired for the sake of our marriage now. As you can see from the picture it didn't take long before we were fighting. Jon cheats.


jonathan.neeb said...

No Jon doesn't cheat, Jenn cheats!!

Suzanne Lee said...

Hey Jenn!

I've gone private with my blog so if you want to be added to my reader's list can you email me?

Thanks, hope you and your fam are doing well :)

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