Sunday, October 26, 2008

1st annual Neeb family Halloween extravooooganza

We thought that since Ben can't really participate in Halloween in the candy sense or be able to go to Halloween parties really and enjoy them we would have one every year with treats he (and everyone) else can enjoy.
The babies were priceless dressed in their costumes and our little ninja zebra (daddy didn't want him to be a regular he put a bandanna on him as well) was very adorable! He will go trick or treating on Halloween but we will swap his bag when he gets home with Ben friendly treats...not that we would otherwise have let our fourteen month old eat a bag of candy, well I guess some people would... I won't even let him drink apple juice though soooo a bag of candy would be unheard of!

Friday, October 17, 2008

Fall Fun

I took Ben out into our backyard today to take some pictures of him playing in the leaves...needless to say he loved this and would not look at me to take a picture. Oh well...hopefully the leaves stay awhile longer so we can get some good ones!

Sunday, October 12, 2008

Adventures in Homemaking...

In my new status as full time homemaker I am trying very hard to treat this as my full time job. Part of the ideal job description as written by a certain June Clever are to be up and ready for the day at 7am complete with hair done and pearls on (If I had pearls I would...) have dinner on the table by 5:30, provide baking and preserves to one's family, provide engaging learning to one's small children during the day and throw in a life lesson here and there with thoughtful music playing in the foreground... I struggle with the baking. I do not like things that have no wiggle room. WHY does it have to be 3 and one forth cup exactly of flour...why can't it just be 3??? I will it make it 4 just to rebel against the recipe book. Again and again my baking fails and it is endlessly frustrating. When mentioning her strawberry pies in passing I commissioned my friend Cheryl to come over while the babies napped and teach me to make pies... This is easier said then done it seems.

Before long I had ruined 2 batches of pastry while Cheryl finished cutting up her bright white perfectly sliced and uniform apple slices making my brown hacked to pieces Spartans pale in comparison...She watched in horror as her pathetic student did not drain the lemon water from my apples before adding the remaining ingredients creating a goopy mess, poked holes in the top by gouging the pastry with my nails and had flour everywhere. I eventually quit pie making forever...unfortunately I had 5 topless pies remaining when I made this declaration. Cheryl in her kindness strapped Ruby (who napped for a total of 20 minutes...Ben 4 hours, leaving me with no real excuse) to her back and made enough of her pastry to finish my pie tops. Wow Cheryl are something! By the time Jon got home from work we (I use "we" loosely) were 5.5 hours into the pie marathon and Jon got put on baby duty. We did eventually finish and when Jon took one of my (and Cheryl's) pies to work with him on Friday I (Cheryl) got rave reviews! Maybe pie making isn't so bad...I am sure Christmas baking will go better...

Ben's Apple

Ben's other love in life is the Apple. It is fortunate then that as it is apple season they are in no short supply. He says "attal" and points furiously at the fruit bowl. Usually I peel and core them but he grabbed one without my realizing and ate the whole thing, skin on, core intact, saying happily "attal, attal...attal!"

Book Worm

Ben LOVES books...I cannot emphasize this enough! I often say he will read books for as long as you will read them to him. To put this to the test I sat on the floor with him for an HOUR last week and read to him. He sits perfectly still in fear if he moves one inch I may stop. He will point and smile occasionally but he is for the most part a very serious little reader, studying each page. I ended the book marathon when both feet fell asleep and my throat was getting sore. Ben on the other hand continued looking at the books after I got up!

Saturday, October 4, 2008

Pumpkin Patch

Ben loved going to the pumpkin patch today to pick up his pumpkin and fall decorations. This will be a tradition we will do every year as well as apple picking which is coming up.

The sweater Ben is wearing was made for him by my parent's nieghbour when he was born. My mom loved the colours so much she made matching mittens and a hat.

Mommy's Little Helper

Ben is mimicking me more and more lately. He has a cell phone (with the battery pack removed) that he carries around with him. He keeps it to his ear and babbles and then will randomly dial. He has also discovered the broom and pushes it around the living room...very cute but he cried when it inevitably gets stuck under the couch.
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