Sunday, October 26, 2008

1st annual Neeb family Halloween extravooooganza

We thought that since Ben can't really participate in Halloween in the candy sense or be able to go to Halloween parties really and enjoy them we would have one every year with treats he (and everyone) else can enjoy.
The babies were priceless dressed in their costumes and our little ninja zebra (daddy didn't want him to be a regular he put a bandanna on him as well) was very adorable! He will go trick or treating on Halloween but we will swap his bag when he gets home with Ben friendly treats...not that we would otherwise have let our fourteen month old eat a bag of candy, well I guess some people would... I won't even let him drink apple juice though soooo a bag of candy would be unheard of!


Mark said...

The party looked great Jenn. Sorry we didn't end up making it. Thanks so much for thinking to invite us though. It made us finally feel like part of the gang.

priceja said...

Hmmm I wonder who gets the swapped candy? staving children in Afica? I think not. a middle aged pot bellied old fart in Guelph? OMG I can only hope.

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