Friday, March 20, 2009


Creativity expert Sir Ken Robinson is writing a new book called "epiphany" which I cannot wait to read. In it he interviews a diverse group of talented (and creative) people who are living their dreams. He wants to know about the moment that brought it about or their "epiphany". I came across a video of him today on UTUBE where he told a great story. He speaks of Jillian Lynn (I think that is her name) who is a famous theatre choreographer. She was in the royal ballet and involved in some of the most famous theatrical productions in history. She is wealthy beyond her dreams, successful and living a life she thrives in and loves. He tells about her epiphany.
When she was a litte girl, about 8 she was constantly getting into trouble at school. She was fidgety, couldn't think well and her homework was not turned in. Her mother brought her to the doctor on the advice of her teacher and told him what was happening. Since, he says, ADD had not been invented yet, her teacher didn't know what to do with her. Jillian sat next to her mother while the Dr watched her squirm in her chair and finally sit on her hands to keep them still. He asked her mother to join him in the hall to speak for a moment and turned the radio on for Jillian to listen to in their absence. He stopped talking after a moment to her mother at seeing Jillian through the door unable to keep still to the music. "well" said the Dr. "look at that. She is not sick. She is a dancer! take the poor girl to dance class". It was then Jillian said that she became alive, she discovered that she needed to move in order to think. She was forever grateful to that Doctor. Robinson asks how many more creative genius are being stuffed with medication and told to calm down. Sir Robinson says in his experience (he is a professor) public education teaches from the feet up. By middle school your legs have stopped moving. By high school your hands have stopped fidgeting and by graduation you have been taught only to use your head and slightly to one side (being the left side..or the math, science part). Then your body is really only a vessel to Carry your head around...and only one side of it. What about all the Jillian Lynn's he wonders? He wants parents and educators to put more time care into letting children be who they are and not stifling what makes them great. I love Ken Robinson.

I can't wait until I have my epiphany...I think it is close! I am becoming more of me everyday.

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