Wednesday, March 4, 2009

And We Are Back in the Game!

In lui of my post yesterday I re evaluated my stance on fore fitting in the battle of wills with my toddler. I decided I was not ready to throw in the towel quite yet.Peg Perago (my favorite Italian baby equipment company...I don't have more then one favorite Italian company...just my favorite in general) makes a high chair with all the things ours was missing. and since as they say "he who has the money makes the rules..." I changed things up a bit and simply bought this high chair with a 5 point harness. Viola! For the first time in many months we had a battle free lunch today as Ben sat (with diaper fully intact) in his new high chair.

Currant score stands at

Mommy- 1
Ben -0

1 comment:

The Blakeneys said...

Correction...I think the score is now:
Mommy = 1
Ben = 1
He unequivocally had you yesterday. :) You're back on an even playing field -- at least until his next shenanigans!!

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