Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Ben's BFF

Ben's best Friend is a little boy that comes over to play Monday through Wednesday. He was in my daycare last year and since November I have been watching him part time until his new baby sister arrives in a couple of months. He is a great little boy and Ben and I alike love having him around. Parker is a great influence on Ben and they play together like real buddies. I am having so much fun watching this friendship grow as Ben gets older. Parker includes Ben in everything. While I am doing menial household tasks while keeping one eye on them I always smile when I hear "You can do it Benny!" "Come play with Parky, Benny boy" and "Two good boys, right Jenn?" Ben is getting increasingly vocal with intelligible words and even a few sentences. "Ba ber" (Parker) emerged last week and now Ben babels his name constantly. Thursdays are not fun mornings in our home now after three mornings of welcoming his friend he does not arrive. Ben stands by the door whining "Ba ber, Ba ber!" It is quite pathetic really. I may have to rent him for the rest of the week!

***In the picture you can see how they both love wearing their boots. Parker got crocodile ones first and informed me that Ben also needed reptile boots "Two boots for two boys, Jenn" He always thinks of Ben. Unfortunately we went to the store to buy them to their excitement and they were all out. "No Boots like Parky for Benny Boy" Parker said sadly to Ben while patting his shoulder after he heard the sales lady tell me they wouldn't be getting any more in". He was very happy for Ben then on Monday when he looked down to find Ben's feet appropriately animal clad for spring puddles. Whew!

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