Sunday, March 8, 2009

"Pee Pee on the Potteeeey!"

"A Pee Pee on the Potteeeeey" is what Jon and I foolishly dance around the bathroom singing in order to reassure Ben that the bathroom is a fun place to be and the potty is his friend (or more accuratly the toilet seat cover that sits on the toilet so his mini tushy doesn't fall in...I think potty's are gross). I am an advocate of waiting to toilet train...especially for boys. The closer they are to two and half the faster it goes, the less frustrating it is and fewer accidents occur. At least this had been my experience in toilet training so far (while I was in university I was a Nanny so the headache of toilet training is not new to me). Then Ben at eighteen months peed over the side of his high chair and I was forced to re examine my stance. Then today in church Ben said "poo poo, Mommy". I checked his diaper and told him he was fine. A minute later he was right. Great. We came home and officially decided that potty training is a go. We don't want this initial enthusiasm on his part to pass without our encouragement so he goes in the bathroom, mommy and daddy do a dance. He produces, he gets a chocolate chip. We'll see how simple it really is!

Pray for us.

***Sidenote... The shark boots are a gift from Grammie. Ben is obsessed with them and cried when we wouldn't let him wear them to church today. They are very adorable! So is he!

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