Monday, March 30, 2009

The Sick House

Our immune systems are pretty top notch most days around here. Ben gets the odd cold now and then and one bout of RSV last winter but other then that we are healthy as sharks...until this week! I woke up feeling very ill on Tuesday morning. I couldn't get out of bed for three days and thanked my lucky stars I have a very accommodating, supportive and helpful mother in law and mother who came to help in those three days. Finally when I had kicked this nasty intruder Ben came home from Gramma's house with a fever of 102. GREAT! It is amazing though how much better Mommy feels when her baby is sick. I got a burst of energy which came in very handy when Ben was up all night. The next morning her woke up covered in vomit and diareah (of course he was running a toy car through the paths of puke he had made while quietly playing before I went in to get him...unaware of what was to greet me! The happy playing did not return for awhile after that. This was not the best time then to meet his adoring Godmother for the first time. He tried so hard to be happy and his regular funny, flirtatious self but he was really not himself at all.
This is day 6.
All poor Smooshie did today was lay on my lap, drink bottles (and one piece of toast that I begged, bribed and forced down him) and watch tv. "Mooobie" is his new favorite word. He sure loves those "moobie's". I think his television free days are over now...
I haven't brought him to the doctor yet because it is a virus, he is not dehydrated and he is eating and drinking. But he has lost a lot of weight which worries me. His little shoulder blades are sticking out, you can count every vertebrae and his arms look like noodles. If I could Ben I would definitely donate to your cause! I will take him though tomorrow if he doesn't improve. Even though I am sure all he will say is "let him rest and drink plenty of fluids" like he ALWAYS says. Meanwhile the trip there and the hysterical crying that ensues (he hates the dr's) was exhausting and he probably picked up a bonus bug on the way out of the office which is also used as a walking clinic at night for the very sick and germy.

I posted pictures against my better judgement...keep in mind I have not had a shower for three days (obviously...) when these were taken! GROSS

I want my healthy happy boy back soon!

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