Sunday, March 15, 2009

Change is Always Nessasary in Order to Grow

This is what is in front of our home, now currently known as "the property". I read (whilst reading on selling your own home) that you shouldn't refer to the house as "my house" or "our home" to potential buyers as it makes them feel like it is yours and not potentially theirs... anyway that is that. Our house is for sale. The very house we lovingly decorated room by room, the house we brought our beautiful baby boy home to, the house we love to live in, create memories in, entertain in. Why, you may wonder then is that sign out in the front lawn? Because as much as I love this house and everything in it...I really love that beautiful boy more. I would like someone else to enjoy this home (I mean property) while I am enjoying my son...worry free, debt free, stress free. I can't wait.

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