Sunday, February 22, 2009

Happy Half Birthday Ben!!!

Ben turned eighteen months today! The difference in six months is the difference between baby and boy! I know now that exciting stuff is not in the rolling and the crawling it is in the development of the person. This last six months has really given us a glimpse of who Benjamin Alexander is and he is a lot of something! One person said there sure is a lot of "Ben" in him isn't there? I would have to agree that sums it up perfectly. Ben is a goof- he will start dancing spontaneously to music only he can hear, he will shout, laugh and cry in the same minute. He knows exactly what he wants to do, wear, say and eat all you need to do is get out of his way. He is extremely loving and gives great bear hugs and sweet pursed lip kisses. He is extremely ticklish and quick to laugh. He is so bright and understands everything spoken to him. He loves books more then anything else, is very sensitive, and has a lot of intensity about him. Wow I love this kid. He delights me everyday and I am so proud of him I can hardly stand it. I am once again anticipating an exciting year of getting to know more of Ben.

Benjamin, you are our gift, blessing and greatest joy!
I love every inch of you and every moment of being your "Mammieee"

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