Friday, February 13, 2009

Ben's Godmother

There is something magical about a Godmother (thanks Disney). It is nice to have a younger sort of grandparent-esque person in your life that is really just suppose to love you and hope you parents don't die. The modern Godparent doesn't really have to do much. Should we prematurly kick the bucket you really only have to hang around long enough to make sure he gets to our parent's house and then peek in on him every so often to make sure they are being nice to him and say really nice things about us to him. In the meantime you just let him occupy a special spot in your heart reserved for god children and let him call you "Auntie Jenn". I wouldn't want Ben to miss out on this Godparent experiance so I would like to formally ask my all- time- best -life- long- into- eternity- friend Jenn to be Ben's God Mother. You are my first choice for this important role becuase I know that you already think he is wonderful...that is very important. You will make sure he never looks geeky, you are not afraid to talk about anything, you have the same name is me, you have a great sense of humor, you will feed him better then I do, you are sweet and kind and know his mom better then anyone. If you choose to accept I thought I would write a few things down that you should know...

1- Ben likes everything to be kissed no matter how lightly he banged or bumped even a minor part of his body. Often he won't even look up from what he is doing but continue playing with one hand while he holds the other in the air to wait for a kiss before it can resume. If you don't know what he is expecting I am not sure he will use it again.

2- He drinks goats milk- it smells like shoes but he likes it and it is better for him than dairy.

3- He does not eat sugar except for super special occasions like Jesus' birthday and his own. That is about it.

4-He likes to have his nap in his pajamas and get a new outfit upon waking.

5- He is addicted to his bottle- I don't make issue with it because he is so spectacular otherwise I wouldn't want to make him feel bad for being a bit of a baby in this respect. I figure it is a small window of life that a bottle of rice milk mixed with water mixed with goats milk makes everything in your world perfect.

6- He poops alot.

7- He sleeps with a crochet blanket over his face. He will not sleep if this is not drapped over his head.

8- "JamJams" are Pajamas, "cookies" are bran bites, "candy" is blueberry's and "footsies" are toes.

9- He had oatmeal pancakes and berries every morning for breakfast I make them from scratch but don't worry there is about 50 in the freezer...he won't eat anything else.

10- He loves music and prefers to dance to loud irish music and great big sea.

Will you be his Godmother- circle one...YES NO

LOVE YOU!!!!!!!

***This invitation was inspired by another blogger (Nie Nie) who made a blog plea of her own for a godmother...feel free to use this medium to attract a Godmother of your own!

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