Sunday, February 15, 2009

Love Feast 2009

Valentines Day is a nice holiday if you skip all the flowers, chocolates and overpriced card crap. It's not that I am not a romantic but I want a little more originality then Halmark dictates. We do love themed things all day and I make Jon's favorite cupcakes and dinner. When Ben is a little older we will have heart shaped pancakes for breakfast and heart pizza for dinner. Jon and I exchange small tokens of love rather then gifts. This year he got me a ring box with a sweet little note in it...he also bought me one of those expensive cards with a popout that I am so against. I was sort of flattered though that I was worth the trip to the card store and the $6.95 piece of paper.

Ben seems to be a fan of this simple holiday as you can see from his heart cookie and "kiss" on his head. I have let up on my no sugar but for twice a year rule when we were at a little girls birthday yesterday and Ben couldn't have cake (not because I was being mean but because it had egg in it, another one of his serious allergies). He was visibly feeling left out as he watched everyone else devour the strawberry iced princess cake. I felt terrible that I didn't pack him up one of the egg free cupcakes I had made for Jon (I only made them without eggs to see if they would turn out that way with substitute). Bad Mom. So to compensate when we got home I let him have REAL cookies...with sprinkles and everything (as you can see from the nudie cookie, he licked the sprinkles off first...Atta Boy!). His God Mother elect will be happy to hear that I am loosening up a bit I would imagine.

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