Friday, February 6, 2009

On The Loose

12:00 noon is my crazy time of day- we get in from preschool most days at 11:30 and I am trying to get everything in the door and cranky, tired,hungry Ben in his highchair and fed so Jon knows to call me at 1:00 when Ben has his nap. On Monday Jon called at noon so I knew something must be wrong! He told me to lock the doors and not go out as soon as I picked up the phone...whoa! He explained that close to our house (just off our street actually) that morning when everyone in our neighbourhood was out shovelling snow, brushing off cars, going to work and walking to school someone was shot and killed. The killer was armed and still on the loose!
Let me explain that we bought our home where we did specifically because of the location. It is extremly safe and family oriented, one of the most popular in the city. We are within walking distance to everything and have lots of parks and schools close by. Having people murdered outside out front door is not what we signed up for so this was shocking to say the least. The swat team and police were patrolling the nieghbourhood and escorting children home from school after the lock down was over. Jon drives by this particular bus stop that she was found on every morning on his way to work and had he left any earlier would have seen her. When we listened to the news that night we found out that this woman was a volunteer at a vet office and manager at a local toy store, she was only 28 and was just married a year ago. Very tragic and the police have no suspects! We back onto conservation and woods and so Jon was right to be concerned as it is a good place to hide...Our doors are all deadbolted as I type... but I will certainly sleep better when he is caught!

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Mark said...

Whoa! That's crazy Jen. I'll be sure to check The Record website every now and then to see if he's caught. Stay safe!!

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