Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Dinner in a Birthday Suit

Ben won't wear his bib lately (or mittens, hats, boots, snow pants or socks). I am sick of fighting stains after his meals and going through multiple outfits. We are also enforcing natural consequences more as of late to his misbehaviour. If he stands up on his high chair its "sit down or get down" If he won't wear his hat and mittens then he can't go outside, if he won't wear his bib then he has to eat without his clothes on and sit in his cold high chair (which then makes him stand and we start the whole thing over...we are only giving him the illusion we think we know what we are doing!) Tonight we took his clothes off for a pasta dish that would have ruined a shirt and he proceeded to rip his diaper off and climb up his high chair...I think we Will safely file this particular photo gem in the "Ben's first date/wedding slide show" folder!

1 comment:

The Blakeneys said...

Had to comment and tell you that this picture is soooo great! Makes me giggle -- and I've been back to your blog a few times now just so I could have another chuckle. Little boys are such hams! Hopefully we'll get to meet your little ham sometime soon!!

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