Thursday, January 1, 2009

New Love

While Jon has his beloved IPHONE (I now have an almost as cool IPOD touch...which I believe is his way of buying himself more time...I know a distraction when I see one! Uh where was I? My I pod reminder just went off to turn the slow cooker down...anyways...)

I have rediscovered a gadget that has been previously taken for granted...our Central Vacuum...(I am not sure why I felt the need to capitalize that...I just feel it is deserving of caps)! I have vacuumed 4 times this week...I LOVE it. I am not sure of the exact moment I stopped seeing it as a chore and found delight in it. I think I first started marvelling in the convenience of it, no heavy body to drag around just one cord long enough to reach just about every square inch of our house from one main floor outlet. When I am done I just wrap it up and put it away discreetly in the front hall coat closet! Then I realized what a rewarding job it is, a visible difference is made after every use. Finally I realized I was excited when Ben crushed up some toast and flung it...I've needed less motivation then that to pull out ol' C-Vac (okay I've never really personified or nicknamed the vacuum before now...but I really do love it that much!). I am truly spoiled now with this feature of a new home I don't think I could go without again despite my dreams of a sprawling victorian farmhouse one day! Now if only my attitude could change over the washing machine (notice lower case...)

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