Tuesday, January 20, 2009

A Lesson in Self Control

Ben is very impulsive. Ben is 17 months old. I realize the two go hand in hand but this impulsiveness has resulted in some near mishaps so I thought perhaps it was time we buckle down and teach our toddler some important life lessons...like self control.

We built a tauntingly high tower that screamed to be knocked over. We explained to Ben (all the while wiggling to be let go so he could tear it down) that this was Daddy's nice tower and he was not to knock it over. He agreed and played around it while keeping a close eye on it. He would run over to it periodically and shake his finger at it. "NO NO..." he would look at us for approval which of course we freely gave, secretly amazed he had lasted that long. Finally we ended the torture and Daddy told him he could knock it down.

Life lesson one...check!

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