Monday, January 19, 2009

Going in Peace

shortly after Christmas Jon's grandmother who has not been well for some time came down with Pneumonia. It became clear that she was too weak to fight it and was moved from the hospital to the assisted living retirement home she and Jon's grandfather had called home for the last year. On Wednesday evening surrounded by family the nurse told Jon's mother to count the time between breaths as she slept and her lips began to take on a bluish hue. 7 seconds, then 12... 20 and then no more. It was a peaceful and graceful passing so fitting for her and prayed for by those who loved her. We will miss Great Grannie Wilke and I am happy that she had time to enjoy in the lives, if only briefly of her next generation of Grandchildren. We were privilaged to take part in her funeral this weekend and enjoy a celebration for a wonderful person and a life well lived.

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