Sunday, February 22, 2009

Blankie and "Ottal"

Ben has some vices. I feel it is a small window of opportunity that one's world is made right again with a full bottle soft blanket and open arms. Some of my favorite times of the day consist of this combination. Others may look on and think I am babying him by letting him suck on a bottle all day and carry around a blanket all day Linus style but I don't think it is something to make issue with. He does love that "ottal" though. I put one ounce of rice milk in it and seven ounces of water so he is not filling up on milk nor is he rotting his teeth. I have to say from a parenting standpoint it is nice to have a "crutch" sometimes to fall back on. If Ben is sick, tired, or cranky his blanky and bottle are a quick fix. When he is two they will be limited to his bed and when he is three the bottle fairy comes to our house and brings his bottles to the new babies while Ben gets some new big boy toys in their place...his blanky though he can take to university with him for all I care.

Grammie recently crocheted Ben a beautiful soft new blankie- the prerequisite is that his blankies are white and crocheted so it fit the bill and he happily drags it around.

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Laura D. Barton-Eady said...

You go Ben with your Blankie. I love mine, and I can happily say that I take it everywhere with me, as well as a teddy bear.... But I don't think that the world being better when you are with your blankie is ever something that you grow out of. I feel SO much safer and happier and that everything in life is perfect when I am with mine.

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