Monday, February 9, 2009

No I Didn't!

We were leaving preschool this morning and as always I loaded Ben into his carseat, put my bag beside him on the floor of the van and tossed my keys into the front seat so I would have two free hands to put the stroller away with. I closed Ben's door and walked around to the trunk to open it...locked. I went to the front door to get my keys to unlock it...locked. When I threw the keys on the front seat it must have pressed the lock button on the key fab, unbenownst to me of course! If you want to instantly feel your stomach turn over on itself...just lock your baby in the car. It was pretty sickening. I called over a friend to watch him (already crying) while I ran back in to call Jon and sheepishly admit what I had done (while all the other moms who would NEVER do such a thing overheard. Jon was there in under 30 minutes but it was a pretty long thirty minutes while Ben screamed his head off in the van mad at me for just staring at him through the glass (peek a boo got old after about 2 minutes!). Had this taken place a few months later I really would have caused a commotion in the parking lot when I had to smash in a back window. In the thirty minutes it took Jon to get there the van would have been too hot to leave Ben in. So this is the first and only time this year when I will say "Thank goodness it is winter!"

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