Friday, February 13, 2009

To My Valentine

Dear Jon...
Do you remember the poem that I wrote you when we were both snowed in at our respective houses and couldn't get to one another before we were married? It was all the things I love about...You! In the last three years, I have added more to the love pot!

I love your hair, your eyes, your lips. I love your patience, your bum in jeans and one day (only one!)of face scruff. I love the way you know just when I need you to hold my hand and how you scrape and start my car in the morning. I love that you try to understand me even though I know I often make you nuts. I love your biggness and your perfect smile. I love that you pray with me. I love that we make gorgeous babies. I love that you love Nascar even though I hate it. I love that even though you don't get Europe, you will take me there one day. I love that you eat what I make you without complaint, and for that you will never have to eat salmon again. I love your work ethic, you dedication and your intelligence. I love that Ben has you for a father. I love listening to you play with him and watching his eyes light up when you come through the door. I love that I trust you completely and I fit into your hugs perfectly. I love that we have never fought about anything ever, never raised our voices in anger and never called one another a name we couldn't take back. I love that when you look at me I feel beautiful and we think the same things are funny. I love that you accept how different we are and find that interesting. I love that you wrote me private vows on our wedding night and how you've kept every single one of them. I love that you let me do it my way and always put your family before yourself. I love that you will be embarrassed that I wrote this on my blog. I!


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