Friday, February 13, 2009


Sometimes I call Ben Smooshie, because when I look at him I just want to smoosh him and eat him...although that wouldn't be very appropriate, so I just nibble on his toes occasionally.

I know I haven't been posting pictures recently because I have been on a sort of camera strike. Over Christmas Jon and I went out and did something totally impulsive and unlike ourselves. We bought a $1300 camera. My dream is to one day own a beautiful camera such as the one I had in my hands and proudly carried out the door of future shop ( I also dream to live in Europe, publish a novel and make enough money to wear new socks everyday). Jon and I were so excited all the way home about that camera we bought with Money we didn't have until we got home and looked at each other. "We can't keep it can we?" We both shook our heads slowly as reality set in. "But we can hold it for a while right?" and we did. Getting out my little silver $150.00 number didn't have quite the same appeal after that but Ben is growing like a weed so I got over myself and snapped a few new pictures of Smooshie.

Yes I realize already that his hair is came to be quite by accident. Usually I brush it down after his bath and smooth it to one side in "good little boy" fashion. One night I did not..and it poofed right up in the air. I realized I was repressing who he is...he is not a "good little boy" with flat hair...he is a rascal monkey with crazy hair...Be true to you Smooshie!(yes I add a little gel to get him through nap...)

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