Monday, January 4, 2010


Wow this decade has flown by. It has been a perfect decade! Since the millennium, which I rang in while still in high school I have done so much, so much in fact that I am not sure the 0-teens (what are we calling this next decade??? is there a conscious?) can top the two thousand's (hmmmm okay we have to come together on that one too...). I do make resolutions every year...I don't keep them every year but at least I start out the year with intent and that is really half the battle. I like goals because I figure if you only ever meet them half way you are still better off than you were when you started!

How's that for logic.

This year, at the start of a new decade Jon and I have made some family resolutions. Some are obvious... and boringly financially based; build savings, stay out of debt, stay on budget...blah blah blah. But the exciting and challenging one is in a lifestyle overhaul. In light of being in a perpetual state of feeling unwell for the last 6 weeks I realized this is the worst way of possibly living. I usually feel very good for the most part and am happy to leave most of those "symptom" boxes on new patient forms empty. Of course I am in my twenty's...they are the forgiving years but both J and I can see a difference in your early twenty;s and your eh-hem...late(r) twenties. HOWEVER after seeing a new doctor last week I was happy to let go of my denial and accept her suspicion that I am prediabetic and need to make some real changes or I will pay for it. After talking at length over these last couple of months about the importance of maintaining good, if not great health to get the most out of...everything...we are going to try to achieve a goal of super health for ourselves, our children and our quality of life. So this preventative health goal encompasses a lot of goals really... working out every day, eating a diet rich in whole, superfoods (those are buzz words in the super health community...I use them so I feel like I know what I am talking about...really it means you don't eat anything processed, with additives, chemicals or refined sugar. Green is going to be our new favorite color...and organic farmers are our new best friends), detoxing (I will have to wait until I am done nursing for that one...I know tsk four and I am already finding excuses...but really I don't want to donate my body of toxins to the baby...and its not even really day 1 despite the date, technically because we are cleaning out the kitchen ang getting groceries tonight...there is no hard and fast rule that you HAVE to start resolutions on the first is there?) and generally becoming those annoying people at a dinner party asking you to hold the butter and where's the hummus...I picture myself wearing a lot more yoga pants (not only because they are SO comfortable...and after 9 months of elastic waisted pants it is hard to go back to buttons) because I need to be ready for when the urge to work out hits me, it could be at any time! We are going to embrace activity, real food, and all things that better ourselves on the whole. We are NEVER eating fast food our entire lives, we pinky swore on it so you know, its a done deal now.
Oh and I have to have a baby, I will feel 75% less crappy with that alone...I can't wait for my ribs and intestines to drop a foot and a half, what will they even do with all that freed up space?!

Anyway wish us, our mission and our Vita Mix the best of luck...don't be afraid of us, I will not lecture (although you do know that Lysol is on the top five list of most carcenogenic items in your home...right?) but may turn down your offer of pie (my ultamate test of commitment)or allow Jon to pry it out of my hands, whatever.

Happy and healthy 2010 to you!

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Heather said...

Wooo! Good luck to you!
I also have health- oriented goals, but I'm not to that point yet ;)
Will you be going to the Thurs. night health/wellness get togethers at the church?

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