Saturday, January 16, 2010

The Bedtime Adventures of "Noah" and Ben

When Ben goes down dutifully for his afternoon nap he usually plays in his crib (which he still doesn't want to get out of...) which turns into a plane, boat, tent, or rocket as soon as I shut the door. I can hear him playing on the baby monitor and find listening to the scenario's he creates with a few blankets and some stuffed animals endlessly entertaining.

Yesterday he got quiet. A little too quiet.

I went up about 40 minutes after I originally put him down and discovered a totally naked boy, a totally naked Noah's ark doll, a soaking wet bed (that he was dancing on while drops sprayed around him)and two empty bottles.

He stared at me and hid naked Noah behind his back. Then he grinned.

"Beeeeeeeeeen, what are you doing?" I asked carefully.

" me and Noah's dust fwimming".

well of course they were...

"Beeeeen...where did all this water come from?"

upon closer inspection there was ALOT of water in the bed. I assumed he had emptied out his bottles.

"Ohhhh! It came from da PEEEEEEEE-NIS"!

He beamed at me and held out naked Noah as a wittiness.

"ALL of it?!"


Some things are just too funny to get angry at...

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