Wednesday, January 20, 2010

5 Days Past Due Notice

Dearest Young Sir,

We are very saddened to see that you have rejected the incentive package prepared for you. It is unfortunate for all parties that you do not want to vacate on your own accord. I am saddened to have to inform you of the impending induction. You will be placed on a waiting list this 22nd day of January 2010. Please be advised this is your 48 hour warning.

I sincerely hope you chose to reconsider your position.

Your loving Landlord,



Jamiesjourney said...

Come on baby! As frustrating as it must be, it must also be soooo exciting to know that one way or another you'll meet him within the next 2 days! Good luck and enjoy!~

Jenn said...

Oh Jenny!!!! Poor lil cozy and warm in there...I probbaly wouldnt want to leave either. Good Luck with everything, maybe 22 will be new lucky number in the family!

The Blakeneys said...

I think if he's born on the 22nd, making him EXACTLY 29 months younger than his big brother, that would be pretty cool. Regardless of when he comes, I wish you a speedy delivery -- and I can't wait to see what the newest family member looks like! Looking forward to seeing you, little dude!!

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