Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Ben To the Rescue!

We went to the year end celebration at the early years center last week. We had firetrucks, ambulances and police cars there. Ben accepted his plastic fire chief hat very seriously as well as his police chief sticker. He continues to adjust and readjust his hat the whole time we were there, making certain it was on just so.

I was shocked when he couldn't get up in the drivers seat of the firetruck fast enough. He is usually a little shy when introduced to new situations or experiences. It always takes him a few moments to warm up to the idea of something. Not this time! He was telling the firefighter the parts of the truck (he had memorized from a pop up firetruck we read at less then 5 million times). He drove the steering wheel and pounded the horn all the while singing "Weeeeeeeee oooooohhhhh Weeeeeee ooooohhhhhh" The firefighters sure though he was something...

he reached hysterics at the prospect of getting out of the truck when the line of children waiting for a turn started growing. Fortunately there was an ambulance and a police car waiting to be explored.

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