Thursday, July 16, 2009

Cause For Celebration!

I have been extremely blessed with very easy pregnancies (so far!) I have experienced very little sickness with the exception of an unpleasant incident in the parking lot of preschool when I vomited violently without warning with Ben in my arms (all the while yelling "Ohhhh Noooo Mommy!! In case there was someone who had not yet noticed my public puking...)Fortunately this was the exception and not something that became the norm. I have no real base for complaint although I did feel extremely tired some days earlier on and we spent more then one day camped out on the couch while I introduced my then televionsless child to the wonders of such entertaining characters as Thomas the Train and Little Bear. This was fortunately short lived and I am BACK (with Thomas a constant fixture in our day...) I woke up on the morn of my second trimester last week at 6 am with energy to spare and am proud to say have given up my afternoon naps (to be resumed shortly after Christmas while I store up energy for the grand finally/premier)! Once again we are the proud owners of clean clothes, dinners that don't involve breakfast cereal and hair that is washed more then thrice weekly!

I do love the second trimester...I am fortunate to feel my best (I would stay five months pregnant for the rest of my life!) during my favorite half of the year!

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chelseyfaye said...

Oh how I miss the second trimester energy!! I too have had a really easy is just now getting to the point where I can say, "ok this isn't so comfortable anymore." I'm glad we both have good genes! Enjoy that energy!!

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