Thursday, July 16, 2009

To Remember

At the risk of being repetitive I wanted to document this amazing time of growth in our little baby/toddler/boy/man as he assumes a different maturity level in each moment it would seem lately. His amazing burst of vocabulary leaves me stunned most days, recently most so. He has taken on this unique third person extension of Mommy type of speech when he is "alone". I can hear him muttering things to himself and when I tune in a little closer this is the sort of thing I hear;

"Do Benny touch? Nooooo Benny! Hot" (The parts I would say has a slight falsetto in honour of me...)

"Good boy Benny (I adore that he refers to himself as "Benny") yaaaaaaa! Benny good boy! (It is his tone really that gets me...)

"Benny do dat? YES! Benny do dat...Benny good boy!" (insert falsetto)

"Benny hurt toe...kiss? Yeah, okay!" (Proceeds to kiss his own stubbed toe...)

This running dialogue is enormously entertaining and I feel a flutter when I hear his self praise or glimpses of confidence and positively forming self image. They are my words...the words he is really hearing. They matter.

We don't watch television anymore...we watch "Benny".

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