Wednesday, July 1, 2009

O Canada

I love this country for so many reasons. The greatest blessing in the lives of all Canadians is the fact we call this great country home.

As a Canadian you are free as a result to worship how you will, educate as you see fit, raise your children with the morals you value, say what you feel, travel where you please, plan your families in the way and the number you wish and have the security to know you are safe in your homes and on the streets. If you are a Canadian you will never go without food, quality medical care, or housing. You believe in tolerance, diversity, respect and compassion.

If you are fortunate enough to call yourself a Canadian you can wittness a beautiful change in scenery every three months of the calender year. From a burst of orange, yellow and red to mark the end of the long days, to the white blanketed ground, into the budding season of warmth and finally to a full and green season and back again.

In this country you can ski some of the biggest moutains, swim in some of the largest bodies of water and find every colour of skin, from every country on the globe. You can taste the flavors of the world in one city, you can ride a dog sled, camp with bears, find friends around every corner, live in cities of millions rich with culture and cuisine, you can enjoy small towns or rural stretches rich in harvest and tradition.

If you are granted the most blessed title of Canadian you would never want to be anything else.

***photograph by Diane Owens

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