Saturday, June 27, 2009

This evening's entertainment!

I got my whirlpool duet washer and dryer a couple of days ago (17 pairs of jeans at once!!!We don't even HAVE 17 pairs of jeans!) and Ben recognized it from Grandma's house as they have the same set. He likes to watch the bubbles go around in the washer which previously wasn't an option with our old ancient top loading set. I just had to TRUST it was washing my unmentionables...there was no witnessing it. Ben was very excited to sit on my lap and watch the bubbles go round on our exciting inaugurate wash cycle!


Heather said...

We have a top loader.. *sigh* We considered something snazzy like yours, but in the end, the 'ancient' style won out (twas a money thing)... I'm excited for you & your new set! Did you get it into your laundry room, then? :)

jjandb said...

Ohhhh we had an ancient top load and dryer that took 160 minutes to dry a small load (seriously..2 80 minute cycles!) that we bought for $100.00 after we bought our house and lost our old (new) set in the sale of our old house...are you following me? lol

Soooo I have been cursing them since. I found a used set of the whirlpool duet because a couple bought this set new last year and just bought a new house with the same brand new set so didn't need these...we got an amazing deal on them and the savings on our energy bill alone will apy for them in less then a year!

sigh...I am in love:)

(a huge load of laundry was done tonight in THIRTY minutes!!!)

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