Thursday, June 25, 2009

Thankful Thursdays

"What?! She has finally run out of things to write about?!" you ask incredulously (I don't think I have EVER used that word before!) No no, it's not so, I have lots more to write about but I do like the idea of a weekly column...I tried to start a journal and I tried to start a gratitude journal. Each have one complete page. This blog is my journal and I want to put more focus on the appriciation in my life, in the little things and on what specifically brings joy to my journey...and I am going to tell every Thursday (mostly becuase they both start with "th" and I do love an alliteration!)

I am thankful for...

elastic waist yoga pants to bridge the gap between buttons and panel waist maternity shorts. ew.

lemon squares and my Mother in Law who made a bazillion of them for Ben's preschool teachers when I was too tired to move but full of appriciation for all their hard work (yes that count as three things...)

berry season

cold basements

hats (curly hair and humidity do NOT got together...with my new short do I can't just put my hair up anymore...)

ritz crackers...I really really love them this week.

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