Saturday, June 20, 2009

My Son's Father

I was asked recently what I hope for my son. I didn't need to think long before I answered,

"I hope that he will be a man of integrity, a man who will do the right thing, even when it's the hard thing. I hope he will find honor in the high road. I also hope for my son a life of authenticity where he has the confidence to be true to himself and not fall prisoner to conformity. I hope he finds what is genuine about himself and the freedom to pursue it".

"how are you going to help give him this?" I was then asked.

"simple", I said.
"I married a man who as his father is the greatest role model in his life. My son's father exemplifies integrity and being true to oneself better then anyone I have ever known".

Had I gone on in conversation I would have told her as well that my son's father is intelligent, handsome, funny, thoughtful, diligent, faithful, hard working, honorable and despite this, humble. I would have said from the moment I met him I loved him. Something in his eyes told me I could never be apart from him again, I would never want to be. He is not an open book. To know my son's father you must get past a test of trust and should you be be grated entrance to knowing him, really knowing him you will find in him a great example of a man, a husband, son, friend and father. You will be better for knowing him. Really knowing him. I would tell her I have done so much for my son already in this. The greatest gift I could give him is a father like his.

Happy Father's day to a hand picked father!

We love you forever and ever and even after that! Jenn and Ben xxoxooxoxox

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J. said...

Awww, thanks sweetie

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