Tuesday, June 16, 2009

To Market, To Market

On a beautiful Saturday morning there is nothing better that we like doing then heading over to the St. Jacobs farmers market. This is n ot a only a huge tourist attraction (as evidenced by the swarms of people from all over the world eager to sweep up as many Mennonite maple candies and pies as they could cram in their suitcases) but a convenient way to support local produce. Many of the vendors are old order Mennonites who, true to name follow the old fashioned way of doing everything from cheese making, preserving, baking and crafting. You can imagine it is just that much better. Somehow you can always tell a Mennonite strawberry from an import! It is fun to take in all the people as well. Every single kind of person you could imagine (and some you couldn't) come out to the market. It is really something that appeals to everyone! Ben enjoys taking it in from Daddy's back and taking a quick trip to petting zoo on our way out. We noticed the horse drawn tour bus (as is the common mode of transportation around that area) and we keep meaning to take the bus tour around the farm. We may wait until the fall to do that now...or maybe spring, during syrup season!

We always leave the market with full stomachs, fresh buns ("3 bags- 5 Dollar!" she yells...) and some Mennonite strawberry, rhubarb crumble cake....you haven't truly lived until you have tried this. You will have to get your own though as I don't share...well maybe if you ask nicely enough you can get a bite as big as Jon's...but he will tell you, you may as well get your own for what that is worth! :)

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Laura D. Barton-Eady said...

hahahahaha I do indeed agree that there is nothing better than going to market on a saturday...as long as you aren't working it! I always get a lemon meringue pie at my market, and also NEVER share. I eat it all, and as fast as possible as to not have to share.

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