Friday, June 5, 2009

Dometic Diva

My sweet cousin Kristie from Nova Scotia is living with my parents right now for school. It is so nice to have family close as that is something very different for us. Whenever we go to visit Grammie and Grandad and "tisty" she always has something coming out of the oven. Of course my mom had to buy new bake ware as hers was long thrown out in a final fit of burnt muffins/cookies/pie. Kristy is very "Martha" and I am very envious of her natural attraction of all things domestic. While watching her one afternoon take another batch of delicious smelling somethings out of the oven I realized what her secret must be. The APRON. She always wears a beautiful apron, 1950's June clever style. You cannot possibly put on an apron like that and not immediately want to crochet or mix something. I have commented on this apron many times since my discovery and when she arrived back from a visit home she had in her suitcase a secret for me too!!! True to suspicion my baking has improved and my crafting taken off all thanks to my sweet cousin Kristie and an apron one cannot help but tote a wooden spoon with!

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