Tuesday, June 16, 2009

So confussed

As we continue learning to use the toilet Ben is getting more interested in the body parts involved. He points and we tell him the name and function. He now knows exactly where both number one and two come from. This is helpful as we instruct him during the process. Tonight Ben insisted he needed to use the toilet. Even though I had just changed a full diaper he hopped on and stared hard at himself willing the pee to come. "push Ben, and make the pee come out" I told him. Ben complied and pushed so hard his face turned red. He exhaled deeply and with a somber look raised his head to stare at me. Still breathing hard he looked sadly at me, his eyes welling with tears,

"broken mommy".

I tried to reassure him that no, he is fact certainly not broken but only run out of pee to no avail, he was still upset. I left his diaper off so that we could make it to the toilet as soon as he had to go next time. I found him a short time later crouched down watching the flood of pee make its abundant exit and grinned up at me from his squat,

"All better Mommy".



Heather said...

Hilarious! :)
ha, Jenn, this entry is so great :)
So cute of him! And so cute to hear what's going on in their little minds! :)

priceja said...

thanks Jenny honey I needed a good laugh Dad

J. said...

That's my boy!

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