Tuesday, May 26, 2009


I have plans, lots of plans. Jon is a fly by the seat of his pants, take it as it comes kind of guy. I plan, I set goals, I forecast the future, down to the detail. Jon looks after the spontaneity. I plan to go back to school. I want a graduate degree is social work, in literature, in Psychology, maybe in math (just kidding).
I plan to write a book, one that millions of people will read and meet to read in their book clubs to analyze the characters more then I have. People won't recognize me but they will recognize my book when I tell them every word came from my little head- except the grammer...that would be my editor..when I get one. I plan to make lots and lots of money with it, not as a goal but as a perk so we can travel and travel and travel. I plan to go to Paris, Italy, Germany, Spain, Ireland and Costa Rica, you know for something different where I will find lots of inspiration for future works of success. I have lots of ideas swirling in my head. Mini ideas turn into blogs, big ideas get stored away...

I plan to volunteer in a hospital, a homeless shelter, a youth home, a young mother's center; because I love people (except when they drive...). I plan to go for walks in the evening and hold Jon's hand, I plan to linger over dinner and get my nails done. I plan to eat at a new restaurant each week and try Thai food...even though Jon and I think pepper is too spicy...I plan to sleep in and stay up late and go see plays at local theatres. I plan to make more and buy less, to use more and waste less.I plan to go to the gym and see my abdominal muscles again one day.
I plan to take up tenis and maybe golf, becuase Jon would like that.

Today I will wipe noses and bums. I will make a lunch that will be thrown across the table, wash hands just before they smear the couch with jam. I will go back to the grocery store to buy the six essential things I forgot to get last night, I will commit to definitely washing my hair tomorrow and remembering to thaw the chicken so we won't have to eat pasta again. I will find some socks that match and clean out my Tupperware cupboard for the tenth time. I will make doctors appointments and dentist appointments and try to wash the floor as I talk on the phone. I will restock the diaper bag and wonder how that many crumbs could possibly be in the bottom. I will kiss "ouchies", read the same cardoard book seven times, deliver hugs and smiles and enthusiasm and it will be genuine as I plan during nap time the excitement, culture and freedom that future plans hold. Today I will remember that these however are the best of the best of days. I wouldn't trade them and wouldn't plan them away. This is the season of life that I will forever look back on as the least glamorous and the most beautiful; I plan to enjoy every minute of it.

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