Friday, May 15, 2009


I read blogs for rejuvenation, to share in one's story, to catch up, to relax, to be entertained, to relate, to laugh, to feel good, to think. It is my hope when someone visits my humble blog, these are some of the things they may experience while they are here. I hope that someone would not notice my omission of burnt cookies or ramblings of perfect domestic bliss as a misrepresentation of my life. I keep this blog too, as a record of our family, for our family. In these memoirs I touch on the head of unsavory but for the most part want to hold the best of it close for the future. For the record I am some days bored, cranky, short tempered, supper less and unshowered. Life is not perfect every day over here at jjand b...but I would be lying if I didn't say it was pretty darn close. I am the happiest person I know, I truly love being Ben's mother and finding honor and joy in domesticity. I really really love our life. I want to share this all the while being aware that sometimes I say the "s" word and don't change the sheets that regularly and that doesn't take away from the purity of my blog and make me a bad mom (DOES IT???).

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