Sunday, May 10, 2009

Mother's Day

Happy Mothers Day to me, and all the other Mother's who have done a great job in raising those I love and act as examples to me in my role as Ben's Mother. Happy Mother's day to all the woman hoping to be blessed with this title one day and to those in the early stages of selflessness, sacrifice and awe who strive to find honor and joy in such a noble calling.

My special day held all the things I love...a new Willow Tree figuring (the only collection I have, if you can even call four of something a collection...), Jube Jubes, which always give me stomach ache (because I always eat the whole bag at once...) but so worth it. A container of the most heavenly ice cream on earth, which usually also contains 300 calories and 20 grams of fat per half cup serving but for my special day Jon so kindly removed that for me. I enjoyed my favorite dessert of strawberry shortcake (yes I like it all mushed up like that while Jon gags as I eat it- but please note the perfect amount of mushed and heart shaped whipped cream it was presented to me with)I Also received some lovely testaments of love cutesy of Halmark and the artistic endeavours of one twenty month old and a lovely bouquet of flowers, but don't ask what kind they are;

Jenn- "Ohhhh beautiful, are they tulips?"
Jon-" Nope! Better?"
Jenn- "What?! Better then Tulips? What are they then?"
Jon- "uhhhh they are...better!"

conclusion- We remain unclear as to which variety of pretty flowers but not quite tulips grace my counter top...

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