Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Our Geese are Back!

Every spring (okay this is only our second spring here...but I imagine they do it every year). Canada geese (and ducks, fish, bullfrogs, birds and bunnies) return to their summer resting spot and raise their little babies right here in our backyard ponds. The little geese babies (shamefully I have to read up more on my goose history and appropriate terminology...for now they will be called "goose babies")waddles around obediently after their mother and father (they seem to have two doting and active parents) until they learn to swim well on their own and then the proud parents let them play in the ponds alone while they watch close by. By the end of the summer we too are so proud of how far they have come and how much they have grown. I am sure this year we will be sad to see the families fly out as the cool air blows in. We walk around the ponds in the evening with Ben who is obsessed with "his" ducks and bunnies ("MIIIINE" he shrieks at them). We have to be careful not to approach too closely as they are very protective of their babies and can be violent if scared (this we learned without a book...). I felt when we were walking around on the weekend that we were in a Beatrix Potter book as the friendly wildlife was jumping out at us from everywhere.

I am so glad we get to stay here in this house that we love. Oh did I forget to mention? We no longer need to sell our home for me to be a full time mother! With a little refinancing and an insanely low mortgage rate we are good to go...or stay:)

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Laura D. Barton-Eady said...

Hey it is a funny thing about Canadian Geese, they mate for life. I find it odd of all the animals to do so, since I find geese very mean. I also didn't need a book to teach me that!

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