Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Sicky Benny

Ben has been sick A LOT lately. I don't want his childhood spotted with an over abundance of virus's and infections that keep him from doing the things he should be doing; playing, running, exploring. Certainly not laying on the couch for days! Poor Ben got another cold on Saturday and started running a fever on Sunday. By Monday morning it was gone but then he cried through preschool which has never happened before so we left early and he came home to bed. When he woke up his fever was back in full force and he was struggling to catch his breath. Off the emergency we go for our least favorite form of nightly entertainment. Fortunately (un...) his oxygen levels were low enough and his fever high enough that we got in immediately- an unheard of phenomenon that those in a public health care system only ever hear rumors of. Poor Ben was hysterical through all the tests. 2 masks, 2 rounds of steroids, urine analysis, blood work, chest x rays and 5 LONG hours later the Dr. finally came back with a diagnosis of what he suspected to be Pneumonia. He sent us home with antibiotics, inhalers and steroids. Ben reacted to the antibiotics with hives and diareah so back we went for a new prescription last night...Doctors on site will throw Ben into a fit of panicked hysterics now, or anyone in scrubs with or without a stethoscope as it turns out judging from his reaction to the orderly...

I am so committed to making Ben well. We saw our homeopathic Dr. today for some remedies of a different sort to aid in prevention so this NEVER happens again. It is miserable to watch a child suffer, worse still when it is your own and you are helpless to stop it.

I am looking forward to the day when a large majority of our day doesn't consist of my chasing him down with a Kleenex!

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