Friday, September 7, 2007

Our Happy baby!

I am not sure why the idea that baby's first smiles are really gas didn't get thrown out with equally ridicules notions like newborns don't feel pain, or should not be spoken to or held too often in order not to spoil them. Of course Ben is smiling, he is happy and he is displaying the natural reaction to contentment, just as he screams his head off when he's hungry. I wouldn't ignore his cries of hunger as "exercising his lungs" just as I won't write off his adorable little grins as "gas." Of course babies are born with all their emotions available to them... happiness doesn't "develop" over time, he started displaying it hours after being born. Who gets to decide which smile is the first "real one"? I think as his mother I do... and it was four hours after birth, he looked right up at his dad and released a small, deliberate flicker of a grin...we were hooked!

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