Tuesday, September 25, 2007

My Perfect Baby

I know I must be Ben's mother when I see only perfection in him. Other's smell his giant expulsions of gas and want to clear the room... I smell only sweet wind. Other's see cradle cap and dried head skin... I see flakes of perfection that should be bottled. Other's see bald patches on his little head where his newborn hair is coming out... I see a smoother kissing surface. Apparently this tunnel vision affects his grandmother too because when I asked her why his eyes aren't focusing on me as he always looks into the distance (J has very poor eyesight and cannot see anything up close) she said "oh there's nothing wrong with him, he's just looking at the angels over your shoulder..." I accepted this answer as perfect logic at the time but upon further thought imagined his eye appointment at one year when the Doctor says he needs glasses and asks when I first noticed a problem- "oh at about three weeks" I would say. "And why didn't you do something about it sooner?" "uhhhh because my mother said he was looking at the angels...." Okay so maybe my super biased thinking is not particularly good for him if I ignore or excuse anything that is not flawless...This is how you get an out of control two year old whose mother marvels at his strength and the sub human pitch of his voice as he thrashes about in the grocery store.... for now though I really cannot see anything but a miraculous example of blissful perfection- although I admit he really can clear a room when he lets one rip, but he gets that from his father! :)

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Grammie & Grand dad said...

We are enjoying your journey with Ben

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