Monday, September 3, 2007

Bubble Baby

I am trying not to be the kind of mother who fusses and worries and keeps a blanket over the baby's head at all times. I do however constantly fight the urge to do these very things. I would really like to put him in bubble wrap when we leave the house and put a FRAGILE sticker over his forehead. He has been going out of the house on various outings since he was a couple of days old and is a great little traveler. We went out for lunch today with a few friends and he was wonderful, he has also been to a BBQ, baby shower and had his pictures taken professionally. He is always very well behaved and never cries. My concern is for the people around him. I know tiny babies are irresistible but PLEASE DO NOT TOUCH! At the grocery store the woman behind the meat counter came out and touched his cheek before I could stop her... with her gross meaty hands!!! we went home immediately so I could scrub the E. Coli off of him. It was during this scrubbing that the bubble wrap idea came to me. I have a sling now to counteract the people who can't keep their dirty, diseased hands off my new baby. He loves the sling and people can't get too close.

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