Wednesday, December 23, 2009

A Night In Bethelehem

This year was our church's second annual Night In Bethlehem production. Jon and I were Mary and Joseph for 5 nights last year and were happy to take part this year from the audience. It was well presented and certainly did it's job in invoking the Christmas spirit.

"Participants will become travelers who will journey in small groups of 8-10+ people on the grounds outside the Church to different parts of Bethlehem; where they will hear the story of the birth of the Saviour from different perspectives of people represented at the time of His birth. Personal guides will lead participants through many places with special surprises along the way. Have your picture taken with a Roman Centurion or a Palestine government official, walk and talk with a citizen of Nazareth, hear King Herod's response to the news of the Saviour’s birth, meet a Roman tax collector, see shepherds watching their flocks by night and bring home a souvenir from Bethlehem".

Ben took it all in and enjoyed himself I cold as it was! Baby Jesus was of course his favorite part!

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