Thursday, December 24, 2009

Ben's "Ice Cream"

If you ask what Ben has for breakfast he will tell you he eats ice cream every morning. This is you may be asking yourself "does he polish that off with a Pepsi?!" Except that Ben only knows what ice cream is because I tell him what ice cream is (yes I am drunk on my own power!)...BEN'S ice cream is not the Ben and Jerry's variety... Ben's is a little uhhhh less suited for the mass market.

I really believe that while Ben currently has an overactive immune system that results in anaphylaxis this is a temporary condition. I know his body is striving for wellness and can cure itself of anything if given the right tools. My job is to facilitate this healing. The first step was to take him off of cortisol steroid cream and daily inhalers for asthma. WHAT?! Go against Doctors orders??? Yup...and he has not had an asthma symptom in almost a year and his eczema that once covered his body; bleeding, infected and kept him up screaming at night while we tried in vain to soak him in oatmeal baths at 2 am is 100% gone. I imagine this is evidence of his body being allowed to heal without suppressing symptoms. The second step of facilitating Ben's "cure" was to provide him with the best possible food available to maximize nutrients... this means he doesn't know what a hot dog is...and it will stay that way if I want him to continue to love my "ice cream". We also have limited toxin exposure to the best of our ability because otherwise his immune system continues to be on overdrive.

So...without further adu... Ben's ice cream...

2 cups spinach***
1 cup blueberries
1 banana
1/2 cup pineapple
1 T ground flax
1T chia seeds
2 T hemp protein powder
1 apple
1/2 cup rice milk (or orange juice)
1 squirt of agave nectar
5-7 ice cubes

***all ingredients should be organic

throw em in, blend em up...voila!!!! It is actually really yummy...if you don't believe me, try it!

*** On a side note...I know people think I give Ben Chocolate milk in a bottle which I admit it looks like and makes me laugh because it couldn't be further from the truth...

The secret of Ben's bottle (which YES he still has and I promise won't go to college with him) is 3 oz hemp milk, 3 oz rice milk, 1T fish oil, 1t probiotics, 600IU vit D...

So at this time of the year Ben...while lots of other boys your age are eating Christmas cookies and candy I hope you don't think I am unusually cruel and you continue to enjoy your spinach...and your blueberries and fish oil... because this year I hope to give you the best Christmas present of all...the gift of good health that we want so badly for you!

(In my defence I was able to make Ben sugar, dairy, egg, nut and gluten free gingerbread men cookies this year...which on it's own is a feat in itself, considering they don't make you instantly gag).

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Devry and Chelsey Hymas said...

Good for you Jenn! I think your efforts will pay off. I know I didn't have all the same problems Ben does when I was a child, but I sure had my fair share of severe allergies and immune problems (which I really have no memory of at all, just what my mom tells me). My mom quit her job to stay home with me because preparing my diet was a full time job. I believe that as a result of her hard work, as well as many other things, I am now free of any severe allergies, and am a very healthy person. I hope the same is the case for Ben!

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