Tuesday, December 15, 2009

And Soon There Will Be Two..

Today is December 15th...My due date is January 15th.

I can't wait until there is less of "me" and more of "us"!

I also can't wait to;

-sleep on my stomach
-bend over
-pick up something without groaning
-stand without begin able to count how many places on my body are hurting
-run up two flights of stairs, at all...but especially without being out of breath or needing to sit down for 20 minutes
-unload the dishwasher since I can't quite bend down far enough to reach the bottom rack... I tried doing it on my knees but instead find it easier to wait for Jon to come home...
-wear nail polish and dye my hair (no I don't do either during pregnancy- I am not a risk taker when it comes to toxin's and the unborn...I will even give up a summer of pretty toes to be sure of it...and yes I do have a splash more of grey than I care to admit at 27...)
-be able to carry Ben on my hip, not under my arm
-eat anything without needing at least three tums to wash it down
-sleep without having to pee every 45 minutes
-Hold that brand new little baby!

What I will miss... this is hard right but I will scrounge up some things...

-nightly foot massages
-people feeding me
-people giving me their spot on a couch so I don't have to sit on the floor
-people telling me how fabulous I look (even though their eyes are selling them out for really oogling at my enormity and wondering how on earth I can go another month...trust me I think the SAME thing every time I catch my reflection waddling by and almost keel over...)
-feeling little baby jabs
-experiencing hiccups on the inside
-being able to justifiably wear sweat pants/ yoga pants every day

There...the countdown is officially on!

Come on Baby G!!!! My estimate is January 6th but I am praying for December 29th...feel free to do the same!

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