Tuesday, December 15, 2009


Ben has developed a full blown imagination and it is SO much fun!!! Yes it comes with nightmares most nights but he is quick to calm down for the most part and the entertainment value of the day more than makes up for it. He really only plays with 2 baskets and his blocks lately which are so many things... castles, buses, boats, trucks, blimps (???) and trucks. He always has a following of friends, namely the Little Bear characters; owl, mitzy (the monkey), hen and cat. He will often refer to his shoulder and ask it something..."No Feet" the snake likes to perch there apperently. It is wonderful to watch him create and pretend. His vocabulary is really taking off as well and is using very mature words. Lately he likes to tell me "Actually, Mommy..." I do love the second year...even if on more then one day this week it took 25 minutes, 2 tantrums and 2 time outs to get out the door... his made up singing all the way to our destination had him more then forgiven.

Here is a gem from the past week...

Ben- "I weely like poopin' Mommy! It kind of smells like apple butter!

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