Friday, December 18, 2009

Baby Jesus

As a little girl I loved dolls. They were the only toys I really played with and did so for hours. I loved my "Babies" and would dream of the day I would be a Mother. "Baby Jesus" is the first doll I remember loving. Yes he wears a (what was once) pink sleeper and was left outside many times but he saw me through my toddler years until I was old enough for the more advanced babies who could pee, blink, cry and crawl.

My Mom dug out this little well loved, albeit musty smelling doll the other week and asked if I wanted to keep it. No. I really didn't but it was sad to throw it in the garbage without a proper send off.

So goodbye ratty, smelly old baby Jesus, you served me well and as my practice baby did a fine job indeed; I no longer leave small babies out on the porch in the rain.

It is the end of an era...

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