Thursday, December 3, 2009

The Countdown Begins...

6 more weeks until we will be a family of four! We got another sneak peek at our newest addition today for an ultrasound to determine placenta location; my last ultrasound showed it was too close to the cervix to allow for a low risk natural delivery. I was confident that my body is doing amazing things and it will move things around as needed....but I wanted to know for sure. we got to see the bigger, fatter even cuter version of the same little boy (he is still a boy...we asked) from four months ago. From what we could tell on the screen he looks JUST like Ben so it will be interesting to see if he truly does resemble him. If Ben is the "mold" than we will be quite happy with that one, we don't get tired of looking at him. Maybe future versions could switch up eye colour for interest.

Gabriel it turns out is no less stubborn (I say that in the most affectionate way possible as my genes can only produce stubborn offspring...) than his brother. Our last ultrasound was three times the regular length because he refused to change positions or be put out in any way and this time was no exception as he offered a repeat performance. I was coughing as hard as I could, with my bum up as high as I could go in the air (trying to get gravity on our side) and doing all the other suggested tricks the technician suggested, unsuccessfully.

"Would you believe he is actually holding on! I am so sorry but I am going to need to get someone to help..."

Another technician came in to assist and apologized for the discomfort this was going to cause (I am not worried about any discomfort really considering what is coming...but this actually was quite painful!) She dug her hands under my uterus and literally lifted him out of his position...we saw it happen on the screen and then he threw a fetal tantrum with flailing arms and legs of insult. Poor Gabriel...but they cheered at the result they needed (which was that everything is fine!) and Gabe could go back to sleep...wedged back between my pelvic bones that are evidently very comfortable.

We can't wait to meet him!

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