Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Jing Jing to the resucue

The last two weeks of pregnancy suck. There is no eloquent way to say this.

Fortunately I have a Jing Jing (to understand what a Jing Jing is look at August/September 2007 posts; the doting Asian mother who moves in and makes herself "useful" with child rearing advice and bland soup for the six week postpartum period as Chinese custom dictates- My mother tried to assume the role, I refused...and promptly regretted this). Although I wouldn't let her help very much after Ben was born she has been ruthless this time around in making me accept help. I was trying to prove superwoman status or some such nonsense at the time of Ben's birth...but I am over that now. This week then I let her give up her week of Christmas holiday and come help me...tired, emotional, cranky and barely fit to be This is sacrifice in itself (as Jon will attest) but then I came home to find this;

How I wish I had a before picture... my house to the naked eye may have appeared organized but you would have been tackled if you dared try and open a dirty little secret remained hidden with the mismatched mess of spilled molasses in the baking cupboard (that was also the overflow pasta and cracker and salt and pepper cupboard...). My kitchen was a disaster that I repeatedly shut the door on, with intent to rectify growing stronger daily...but energy declining just as rapidly. Jing Jing however can work wonders with the order of a kitchen...I was the lucky recipient of two days work!

As the post Christmas week progressed we were cursed with a very sunny day. The rays put a spotlight on all the dusty far corners of the house that I haven't been able to reach in a good month. While the obsessive compulsive, clean freak, germaphobe in me was in tears convinced that my home would surely be condemned before we could bring a baby home to it... Jing Jing had other plans up her sleeve. Tomorrow I will be the grateful recipient of a professionally cleaned house! Jing Jing would have done it herself but she is busy with other more pressing things like giving me a prelabor pedicure...because everyone who has been there knows when you can't be looking your best, your toes should at least be pretty (Yes it was none other than Jing Jing herself that taught me that...).

I have a one hour prenatal massage on Friday and then...I should be ready to have a baby and readily able to accept the help and support I realize now is essential to the positive post birth experience.

Thanks Mom!

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