Wednesday, June 18, 2008

In Love with Ben's Daddy

When I met Jon I was not looking for a boyfriend at that point but someone with definite marriage potential. I knew after our first date I would marry him (whether he liked it or not!) He had everything I was looking for. Despite being tall, dark and handsome he at least has the sense to pretend he is not aware of this. He is kind, genuine, funny (not many people know how funny he can be!) the smartest person I know and I knew he would be an amazing father. I was right. It is an extremely lucky little boy who has a father as devoted to and in love with him as Jon is to Ben. I love watching their relationship grow and am so proud when I see the two of them together. Ben sure adores his Daddy and so do I!

I could not find anything really appropriate to commemorate Jon's first father's day, so we went with the traditional BBQ set, cover and mat. Ben did paint him a lovely first piece of artwork with his fingers though. Touching, yes.

We spend the day with my dad who was my guide for what I was looking for in my children's father (Ben comes from a long line of great dads). He said that Ben was the best fathers day gift...but did enjoy the bag of chocolate and WWll DVD set we got him as well. Benjamin enjoyed helping with the unwrapping and played with a Crispy Crunch bar for the whole afternoon. He would not give it up for anything!

We stopped to see Jon's dad (the one who taught him all he knows about being one) as well but he had left early on a trip. Jon went out with him last night though for a belated celebration.

All in all I think Father's day l was a success!

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